The Cotton Anniversary

Joseph & Sam,

Here we are celebrating another year in the books. As you celebrate tonight, I hope you reflect on how far y’all have come. It may not seem like much has changed but I have definitely seen you transform before my eyes.

We talked last week about anniversary gifts by year. We discovered that according to the traditional list, cotton is the gift for year two while China is the gift on the modern version. Sam and I agreed that we were traditionalists in this sense and I was so happy because I had already been planning a cotton-themed gift!

I wanted my gift to be heartfelt, but I also wanted to try to stay true to the significance of cotton. Thus, I did some research! I came to find that the cotton plant encases its seed in a thin fiber and that fiber is what is harvested and used as the fabric we all know and love. Cotton is known for being adaptable, durable, and enduring. It suddenly made perfect sense why this was the symbol for year two.

Year two is difficult to say the least. But I wouldn’t know from experience so believe it or not, I did my homework for this post.  I talked to some married friends and they say the hardest thing about it is learning new things about your partner without going crazy. I asked for clarification and one friend told me this: “It’s basically like the morning after your partied all night. You’re having fun, drinking, laughing, dancing, and finally go to bed extremely late feeling great. Then you wake up the next morning with an awful hangover and you’re just exhausted all day. THAT’S the feeling of year two. The honeymoon is literally over and now you have to work out different things as a married couple. The bliss is still there but there’s a different level of learning and adapting that you are required to do now.”

That seemed like a really accurate assessment and it put things into great perspective. Without knowing it, you both have embraced this symbol with grace. As you both took on different, more demanding roles at work, it put your fibers to the test. It may have seemed extremely difficult but y’all were extremely adaptable with every single hurdle life has given you. It has definitely made you stronger individually and as a married couple. Those sorts of qualities are often sought after and hard to find. Lucky for you, you have found those qualities in each other – never forget that.

Continue being there for each other during all the tears and frustration. While those moments test your strength and adaptability, it’s those moments that are worth remembering. Needless to say, cherish the perfect moments too. You both have servant-hearts and an abundance of thoughtfulness for each other. Keep that in the forefront at all times. It’s the little details like that which will make your marriage strong and everlasting.

As we close The Cotton Anniversary and embark on The Leather Anniversary, carry those year-two milestones with you and remain proud of your progress. You are doing a fantastic job laying the foundation of your lives together!

So here’s to my favorite couple – may you continue to thrive on this journey…. and give me a baby already!! 


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