Attention Whiskey Drinkers!

As you may know from a previous post, my very best friend works at a bourbon distillery. Her and I, along with some other friends, decided to form our very own whiskey club. We played with the idea of starting our own chapter of a larger group however, we wanted to keep it very casual. When becoming an official chapter of an established group, not only is there a lot of work but also various rules and regulations that are enforced.

We decided that wasn’t for us mainly because it was a huge hurdle for us right now but also because we wanted to create our own brand. However, we will always be open to broadening our group and collaborating with others. We brainstormed events, came up with long term strategies and thus, Ladies of the Barrel was born.lotb10

Although the larger scale planning is still in the works, we are currently planning on having our first official meeting. This meeting will be a meet and greet and we will also be getting suggestions from attendees on what direction they would like this group to go. Beside the administrative stuff, we will be discussing books about whiskey and tasting some samples as well.

Our main purpose is to contribute to women’s role in the unofficial whiskey renaissance.We want to educate and empower women who love whiskey like we do! We are really looking forward to meeting, mingling, discussing and drinking some of the best whiskeys we can find.

If you or anyone you know would be interested in joining our group, find us on Facebook for more details. We welcome anyone from Austin, San Antonio, and surrounding areas.


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