Don’t worry, life happens.

So I have a passion for writing and sharing stories, but am so scatterbrained that I never actually finish a post. I start one, then I stop. Then I come back to it months later. But it’s okay.

While I love the idea of my blog, I need stories and memories to be able to fill this and sometimes making memories takes some time. I’d rather make you wait than to bore you with my daily routine.

I have tons of things I’d like to share with you – in fact, it’s about 10 drafts worth of stuff – and I will get to it soon, I promise. I will overflow your feed with my adventures and concert stories, cooking lessons and failed Pinterest crafts.

In the meantime, I hope you’re living as you should be. Experience. Feel. Share. Love. I’ve recently learned that life is very fragile so don’t waste time thinking, just do.


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