So I dunno if you heard but, the ladies of our National Soccer Team have brought home the GOLD! They defeated Japan in a World Cup Final rematch with a score of 5-2! That’s right, we lost to Japan four years ago but came back with a vengeance.

The United States hasn’t won a World Cup since 1999. That’s sixteen looooong years! SIXTEEN! Carli Lloyd scored the first hat-trick (that’s three goals) in a women’s final! She scored her three goals in the first sixteen minutes of the match. My favorite goal was the one she scored from 55 yards out. As the sister of a goalkeeper, my heart did hurt for the goalkeeper from Japan. However, it was very sweet revenge for the 2011 World Cup Final.

It’s saddens me to realize that this is very well Abby Wambach and Christie Rampone’s last World Cup appearance. They’re the last of the ’99ers! They’re a huge part of this team’s success. However, their age did show this year as their intensity in the tournament was a lot different.

The World Cup is one of my favorite tournaments. It’s truly a battle of talent with teams across the globe. They literally earn the title of World Champions. It’s not like the NBA or NFL where they call themselves “World Champs” but only play against teams in America. Womp womp. Maybe a Canadian team. Big deal.

Anyway, GO TEAM USA!!! 


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