Hey, it’s okay…

It’s okay to ignore people you know at the gym because you’re actually trying to burn some calories.

Yesterday while I was trying to find my friend’s car in the parking lot of the gym, I passed by an old friend’s truck. Could it – no. Is that his? It has the rain guards. Those are the same wheels and  they have the Chevy logo. That’s him. Dammit. I need to see the Chevy emblem to confirm. I finally park and we head inside. As we walk in, I’m looking all around for this friend. Didn’t see him but I knew that had to be his truck. He’s the only person I know with MB Chaos 5 wheels that actually took the time to realize that the little round logo in the middle can be changed – and he sure did switch them out to Chevy logos. Anyway, we go upstairs to stretch and I take a peek out the window to look for the truck again only to find that the Chevy emblem is in fact painted black – it’s him. But where is he? We finish stretching and as we’re walking to our treadmills, there he is. Literally running on her treadmill. What are the chances that he’d use one of the two we’re usually on?

The rest of the time we were there, I consciously avoided him. We did our cardio on the machines downstairs and stayed down there for the infamous leg day. I kept getting distracted because I wanted to make sure he didn’t see me or come talk to me for that matter.

Crisis averted. I didn’t have to engage in any unwanted conversation and we had a very painful successful leg day. YESSSSSS! Europe don’t know about these Texas girls!


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