The Last 30 Days (Abbreviated)

Last time we spoke, I was uber excited that [‘Merican] football had just started. Since then, A&M has done exceptionally well up until this past weekend when they broke their five game winning streak in a loss to Mississippi State. Can’t win ’em all.  Although they played like absolute s#!t, I have faith in my Ags; they’ll bounce back.

UTSA has left much to be desired in their 3-game losing streak. Where’s Eric Soza!? Bring him back!!  If only it were that simple, right? UTSA had a myriad of mistakes against New Mexico. One of which was not giving their best RB the ball enough. It was pass after pass after pass. Everyone had hoped the team would pull out with a win since they were back on their home turf, but, yeah… So this week they host FIU for Homecoming. Prior to the game versus NM, both teams had the same record (1-3). NM’s win was against FIU. We couldn’t even beat NM so I honestly think our chances of beating FIU are slim to none.  But I still have faith that the Runners will be able to fix their mistakes for a more positive outcome.

During the summer, I realized that the old Municipal Auditorium as re-opening as the Tobin Center. Being a former volunteer of the Majestic, I thought it’d be cool to check out the Tobin Center. Lucky for me, they were recruiting volunteers. I went to training and have been pretty much consumed with that. The Tobin Center is such a fantastic venue! There are three auditoriums so essentially three shows can be taking place at once, which has already happened. The acoustics are completely adjustable and we have only the third gala floor in the world!   A gala floor is a floor that can transform from full seating to an empty floor simply at the push of a button. It’s really awesome! I  enjoy volunteering and chatting it up with everyone who is so excited to see the new venue. It’s also really nice to be able to see the shows for free.

As for work, I love it! I’ve become more involved in all aspects, including recreations like Whatagames. (More to come on that)

Basically, my life has consisted of free shows, paid shows, football, and the new fall lineup. I’ve barely had time to relax!

Until next time…


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