Concerts In Review

Today’s rant will be about two concerts I just recently attended: Rascal Flatts and Lady Gaga. I have one more show coming up this week – Chevelle – and that will wrap up my show run until August.

Rascal Flatts

Rewind Tour

July 11, 2014

Austin360 Amphitheater

I purchased these tickets back in May and was already hesitant. I like Rascal Flatts and they are fabulous live performers but I have one peet peeve: they do not sing many songs off of the album they are touring for.

While I loooooooove all their radio singles, I don’t see the point in calling it the “Rewind Tour” if you’re only going to sing FOUR songs off that album. They sang twelve of their popular recognizable hits, four songs off the Rewind album, and two cover songs.

So just the day before, RF canceled their show in OKC due to Gary having a “throat illness” that conveniently only lasted one night because their website specified that the aforementioned “illness” would not affect any shows going forward. Let’s be honest here –  Gary’s birthday was on Thursday when he suddenly fell ill with an illness that only lasted one night? How convenient.  I call bullshit on that; he just wanted the night off.

However, I did begin to eat my words when Gary’s voice started to sound a little off key and he was constantly coughing in between lines. Was he honestly sick or just playing the part? We’ll never know the truth but if he was faking it, he did a great job because he started to sound terrible. 

They covered “Kickstart my Heart” during the encore and Gary’s voice was just not able to reach those notes. When he brought Sheryl Crowe out on stage to perform “Picture” and “My Wish”, he could not reach the high notes to save his life. It was a little disappointing, but for 95% of the show, his vocals were spot on. I’ll settle for that.

Their opening acts included Gloriana and Sheryl Crowe. Gloriana was a huge success. While they’re still up and coming, they knew how to work the crowd and they are just overall awesome performers. They have a lot of potential and I can’t wait to see what’s in store for them.

As for Sheryl Crowe, she was really good. She sang most of her radio singles plus some new tunes. She was really interactive and very humble. If you like her music, I’d recommend seeing her live. She was great, but I don’t really care for her, so I’m not that enthusiastic about it. Lo siento.

Overall, the concert was a C-. They are great live performers (which I will say over and over again) but their set list needs to change! True fans will love to hear the new record live but they’re too busy catering to the fair weather fans with their radio singles.

This was the third and final time I attend one of their shows.

Onto the next review.

Lady Gaga

artRave: The ArtPop Ball

July 14, 2014

AT&T Center

I can’t believe that I purchased these tickets back in December! Yes, December! As the concert date was approaching, I wasn’t as excited about it as I was for the previous two. The main reason being that I didn’t really care for the ArtPop album and the other reason was that it was on a Monday. Blah!

However, whenever Albert – my concert mentor – sent me pictures of the shirt he made, I immediately started to get into it. I blared all of her popular tunes, my favorites, and of course, the new album. I still didn’t really feel like dressing up so I threw an outfit together from my old disco ball bra from the Monster Ball tour. I used her Judas video as my inspiration; I wanted something a little less slutty and something with more attitude. I nailed it if I do say so myself.

As for the show, it did not disappoint. The stage was absolutely insane! It pretty much took over the entire floor and was raised to about 10 feet high. There were pros and cons to that. The catwalks off the mainstage were clear so you could see everything from every angle.

She sang most of her songs from ArtPop and sang old favorites like “Telephone”, “Judas”, “Pokerface”, and “Alejandro”. She was on point with all her dance moves and lyrics; so much so that you could hear her panting. It was refreshing since most singers nowadays use autotune – ehemmm like Britney- so it was nice to see that she could actually sing and dance simultaneously.

Gaga interacted with the crowd the whole night. She read letters aloud that were thrown on stage, she wore shirts and used fan props, and even invited fans backstage after the show.

While this album was a bust, in my opinion, she’s still an outstanding performer and I highly recommend seeing her and her crazy antics at least once in your life.


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