Jason Aldean featuring Luke Bryan 10/27/2012

I know I’m way overdue (to say the least) for another blog, but hey, life happens. And well aside from that, I can honestly say I didn’t make time to share my life. My bad. I figured my great comeback would be with a Jason Aldean concert review.

This concert was something I had been looking forward to for-ev-errrr. Luke Bryan and Jason Aldean. Together. In concert. Enough said. This was the third time I was seeing Lukey (yes, I call him Lukey) and the second time seeing him with another artist. I had seen him at the San Antonio Stock Show & Rodeo and also saw him when he and Chris Young opened up for Rascal Flatts.

This show was part of our 2012 Country Megaticket so we had to take yet another road trip to the Gexa Energy Pavilion in Dallas. I have very negative feelings about this venue. The only perks about this place were the free parking and the free refill you received with your $8 purchase of a beverage. Other than that, I strongly dislike this place.

We were usually always early for the show since we purchased the lawn seating package, but for whatever reason on this  particular  evening, we were late. Womp, womp. So instead of getting front lawn seating, we had to squeeze our way somewhere in the middle, almost toward the back wall. Very sad times for us. Not to mention, it was between 35-40 degrees that night so we came prepared with lots of blankets, beanies, jackets, socks, gloves, etc. Trust me when I say that when Lukey came out, we didn’t even realize it was cold.

Luke put on an amazing show, like always. He was extremely interactive, covered some fun songs, and he definitely shook it for everyone to see. He’s a lot of fun to watch. He’s so humble and likes to edit his songs to cater to everyone which makes it that much more personal. When we saw him with Rascal Flatts, he covered a couple P!nk songs and Metallica. Metallica! What other country artist do you know that can cover Metallica? His part in this show was just beyond amazing.

Now for the main event…drumroll please…

I’ve never seen Jason Aldean live, but he’s pretty great! He wasn’t as interactive as Lukey but you can definitely hear the passion in his voice as he sings. He works the stage really well and knows how to work the crowd. I really just loved his stage presence and well, since I’m a little obsessed with his music, I just soaked it in and sang along with my eyes closed sometimes. My abosolute favorite part of the show was when he announced that he had chosen this particular night, the closing of this tour, to donate all the proceeds from ticket sales and merchandise purchases to the Dallas Chapter of the Susan G. Komen Foundation. It made me a little teary that he would end his tour and Breast Cancer Awareness month in such a wonderful way…especially since breast cancer hits so close to home with me. I don’t think any performance could have topped that.

I’m going to see him again in May. I’m pretty excited about that!


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