Chris Young 10/19/2012

Although this is my first post about a concert, this definitely ain’t my first rodeo! I went to see Chris Young for the 4th time ever, 3rd time this year and it was by far his best show!! Maybe I’m blinded by his 6’4 deliciousness but, there was just something different about this show.

I went with one of my best friends, Nisan, and a friend of hers, Elizabeth, who also became a friend of mine. This show unveiled a ton of emotion and although I didn’t show it, I felt it. I went to the show after a long day at the hospital with my dear, dear, grandma who is having heart problems. She’s 90 years beautiful and I had been feeling so down and stressed that I didn’t know if I would even go. I decided to go because I had spent lots of time with her so if God decided to guide her up the stairway to Heaven, I’d be at peace with myself for making her laugh and bringing up her spirits.

Chris came out and opened with one of my favorite songs and life anthem, “Save Water, Drink Beer”. I had told Nisan when we saw him in February that I thought he’d open up with this song because it’s fun, fast, and gets the crowd going. Not to mention, it’s the most appropriate song for San Antonio since we’re constantly under water restrictions. Hellllooo, that song was made for San Antonio!!!

He was very interactive this time around which was a bit of a change from the last few times. He talked about Johnny Lee, made fun of his really high part in the song “You”, gave thanks to our military, and just stayed looking SEXY!

He also covered a few songs: “Grenade”, “When You Say Nothing at All”, “Fresh Prince of Bel-Air” (yes, you read that right!) and closed the show with “Keep Your Hands to Yourself”. This is always my favorite part of the shows because the artist usually keeps true to the songs but also makes it their own. It’s nice to  see how truly talented they are by performing other songs.

Bottom line is: I would definitely suggest seeing Chris Young if you ever have the chance!


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